Social Conversation

Many retailers and companies still have a ‘print media’ mentality in their social media marketing strategy. They use their social media channels to talk TO their followers. They constantly post Sale messages and Percent Off deals. This is not what today’s consumers want to see in their social feeds. It is a well known fact that today our consumers don’t want to be told what they should like or buy.

Companies and Brands should talk WITH their followers to engage them. This is a well known fact but I have worked with and continue to see constant print style offers posted on their social. They should post about interesting products and offer free content (recipes, how-to tips & more). The will personalize your brand and get the followers to stop to look at the post instead of swiping past.

Once you have engaged your fans and followers, you can occasionally post an offer to increase conversion. Challenge the team to make the post seem like an offer being shared with a friend.

It seems simple. I always suggest that teams step back and not think like marketing but think like a customer. What would you like to see in your feed?

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