New Home Page

There’s an unpleasant moment that occurs for entrepreneurs more often than it should. Someone asks for your business card, and you hand it over. They say, “Great, I’ll check out your site!” You say, “Excellent, but ignore the ‘Shop’ section — it’s out of date. And, oh yeah, the email newsletter link isn’t working, but I can add you manually to the list if you want. And … well the design is a little embarrassing …”
By this point, the person who was excited about your product just moments ago has finished the drink they were sipping and is looking for a polite way to exit the conversation — immediately.
This is the beginning of an article from AMEX OPEN posted on Mashable. We all spend time on our social sites and keep updating our information on those sites. That's why a traditional website is... well... so last century. Anyone can now create their new personal home page that connects to all the places you care about. About.Me is a single splash page that connects your new contacts to all the places they can find you. They can connect to you however they want.
One more benefit is that you don't need to list everything on a business card or email signature. You simply list your About.Me page and your new contact can find out where to go from there. It simplifies everything and gives them the control over where they want to communicate with you.