Mark Margres working with Alan Rust

Congratulations to Mark Margres for being selected as the 2010 Cosmopolitan Magazine Bachelor for Kansas.  Mark is the all American man that men want to be and women want to be with.  He just graduated with a 4.0 for his Biology major.  He played football in college.  He tracks and studies rattlesnakes and alligators.  He is also spending 3 months working on an ecological project in Australia before he goes to graduate school.  Mark has an amazing calm personality and is very well spoken.
Mark said during his Cosmo interview, "tell me I'm respectful.  Being a gentleman is very important to me."  I have to say that Mark was one of the absolute best people I have worked with.  We are working to develop Mark's image for a future in modeling as well as on camera nature reporting.
Mark worked with me in Dallas the weekend after he graduated.  He was very professional and respectful.  He did a great job for his first photo shoot and he will appear soon at  We will all see the adventures of Mark Margres as he blogs from Australia in the coming months.
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