Kevin Curridor Testimonial

Working with Alan was an overall great experience. He was able to teach me new things, was very understanding, had great vision, was very generous and had a great attitude that was enjoyable to be around. Communication is great between us and he is always quick to respond.

I felt very confident in myself after the first time working with Alan and was driven to accomplish more with modelling. I plan to continue this relationship and build on all aspects of my modelling to excel. Alan can make this happen and I recommend him to help launch your modelling career and to to build connections with photographers, designers and agents.

Alan represents great qualities that will help any model aspiring to do big things. He offers a lot of support and creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere while working; Most of the time I did not realize I was even working while pulling off great shots. I know that Alan has and can do great things for me.

Thank you to Kevin Curridor for the comments. See his portfolio page at