Public Image Check

You have heard of a credit check on your financial situation.  Now, as I have been telling people, you can expect a career check on your personal situation.  Companies, universities and potential business partners will all check out who you really are online.  They can now know more about you than ever and they will take advantage of the opportunity.  The recent article from Mashable "Do You Need a Credit Report for Your Online Life? explains what will happen as more companies start to check you out.
You can use a new beta site service called My Web Career to find out your strengths and weaknesses.  It scans your online life or 'footprint' to generate your Career Score.  I tried it and it is interesting.  My initial score was 669 when I signed in with LinkedIn which they say is high.  When I connected twitter and facebook my score went up to 757 out of a possible 850 which they say is excellent.  It was interesting what their career google search analysis showed me.  However, of course, they are trying to make money so to get detailed anlysis you need to upgrade.
I work with people and small businesses to help them develop and organize what the public can see about them.  Your public image can be see when you walk down the street plus with everything you do online.