Chris Rountree Testimonial

Chris Rountree has achieved success as an international model. In January 2009 had this to say about Alan Rust and On Display Men.
"As a model in general, I had no idea what I was about to step into. I figured that I could just go out there, stand on the sidewalk in New York in front of a major agency and get hired to make millions a year... Not exactly... There is always someone waiting to take the opportunity that is presented to you. That is exactly why any day of the week I will vouch for Alan Rust and ODM. They made sure that I received every opportunity I could and that I was able to offer more than just a handsome face. [He] understands and recognizes that every model is different, we all want and chase after different modeling dreams. Alan, the owner and creator of On Display Men, is an amazing mentor. By the time I met him I had already gotten my feet wet and thought I was doing good... Not completely, he helped manage some of my decisions which has led to me achieve a greater success than I could have ever imagined. I have been able to travel over seas to do all expense paid shoots and travel around foreign countries, I have been able to fly all over the United States for all expense paid shoots, and I have even been on national TV for this or that. This organization does not only provide its models with amazing resources to get started to learn more, they are actually interested in promoting, what Alan says, "Promoting the positive careers of male models." So, to Alan: Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you have put forward to see my career launch into outer space!" If you are considering modeling or need advise on becoming the best, this is the place to go!"